Compliance is a metric that provides the number of uninstalled patches in the baseline on a device.

  • Zero → compliant
  • Greater than zero → non-compliant
  1. From All Clients select a client.

  2. Go to Configuration Management > Patch Management> Patch Compliance Configuration.

  3. From the Compliance configuration List screen, click + Add.

  4. From New Compliance Configuration, enter the following parameters:

    • Compliance Name: Patch compliance name.

    • Description: Patch compliance details.

    • Client: Select the client name.

    • OS Type: Select the Windows or Linux operating system.

    • Approval Type: Select one of the following:

      • Manual: The patches are approved as a one-time activity. Run the patch approval process when the baseline changes.
      • Automatic: The patches are approved automatically when the baseline changes.
  5. Go to Select Baselines and choose the baselines in the Available Baselines section. The selected baselines appear in the Selected Baselines section.

  6. Go to Select Devices and choose the devices from the Available Devices section. The selected devices appear in the Selected Devices section.

  7. Go to Select Resource Groups and choose the resource groups from the Available Resource Groups section. The selected resource groups appear in the Selected Resource Groups section.

  8. Click Save. The Compliance Configuration List page displays the configured patch compliance details.

After configuring the patch compliance, you can:

  • View the configuration details in the Patch Compliance Configuration page.
  • Check the Patch Compliance widget to understand the compliance status of each device for a selected baseline.
  • Approve patches for the devices in the selected baselines as a one-time activity.