You can add the Application Scan Job to scan for applications installed in the device.

  1. From All Clientst, select a client.

  2. Go to Automation > Jobs and from the Jobs List, click Create. If you did not select a client while navigating from Dashboards or Infrastructure page, the Select Client window is displayed. You must select the client to access patch management features.

  3. From Add Job, provide details for the following parameters in Job Details section:

    • Select Client: Client name
    • Job Type: Reason for creating the job. For example, you can select the Application Scan to create a job to scan for applications.
    • Job Name: Unique name for the job process.
  4. After providing details in Job Details section, go to Job Schedule section.

  5. From Job Schedule, enter:

    • Start Date: Start date of the job process.

    • Recurrence Pattern: Pattern that you want to run the job.

      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Run Once
      • Never
    • Devices: Devices that you want to add for patching.

  6. Click Save.

After configuring the application scan job, run the job by clicking Run Now on the job list. Applications that are installed and supported are visible to the user at the device level and client level.