On the running process details page, you can view the details of a selected running process and retry a failed task for the running process on the Errors tab.

  1. Click Automation > Process Definition > Process Instances > Running Instances to view the list of running instances.

  2. On the Running Instances page, click a Process Name.

  3. In the Process Version list, select the version of the process definition to view.

    The running process details page has the following information:

    Property / TabDescription
    Process VersionsList of the available process definition versions. Select a version to see the process definition diagram.
    Process NameName of the process definition that created the process instance.
    Instances RunningIndicates how many instances of the selected process definition are running and how many total instances, including other versions, of the process definition are running.
    Definition DiagramDiagram of the process instance includes running and error indicators. When a task starts, it is indicated by a blue circle, and an error condition is indicated with a red circle.
    Process Instances tabDisplays the running process instances of the selected process definition version. Click the process instance ID on the Process Instances tab to view the process instance details.
    Errors tabDisplays details of the errors encountered by the process instance.
    Click Retry to retry a failed task.
  4. Click < Back to return to the Running Instances page.