A Network Topology is the physical and analytical arrangement of nodes and links in a network, which determines how the network communicates with different devices. The OpsRamp Network Topology view provides the ability to select a seed node and retrieve topologies to a selected depth.

Network Topologies provide the following enhancements:

  • Network Topology Maps are now enhanced to show more streamlined icons and views. All Icons are updated.
  • The Maps show Layer1 and Layer3 views of the network. Layer3 subnets are explicitly highlighted.
  • The Maps show port-channel details (for Cisco and Arista devices), with the ability to expand and collapse component links.
  • Network devices can now be searched for and found on the Network Topology Map page.
  • Actions like scheduling a backup job on the network devices can now be initiated from Topology View.
  • Network Topology maps provide different styles to accommodate viewing specific network layouts.


This feature is available on Gateway 14.4.0 and above.