The network topology explorer is your home base where you can view the topology organization of your Layer 1 and Layer 3 networks by providing a real-time perspective of their interconnectivity.

You can also view the visual representation of nodes and links, save views, search for specific device and perform different actions provided in the explorer.

1Click the hamburger menu to access the Save view option, Favorite, and Saved views sections.
2Click + icon to open a new tab. You can view multiple tabs in a single explorer window.
3You can search for the nodes and links using device name, make or model using search field.
4You can change the visual representation using Layer option. The available layer options are: Layer 1 and Layer 3.

5Depth refers to the level of topology you want to view. When you have a large number of resources across multiple levels, displaying all resources is impractical. You can specify view levels up to Depth 3.
6Select the layout you want to view from the available View Options.
7The vertical and horizontal navigation arrows scroll the topology explorer vertically and horizontally.
8Select hand or select tool.
9You can zoom in and out of the topology map to change the scope of the visualization. When a map is viewed at a low zoom resolution, icons are displayed with a reduced size, the edges are thinner and the label names appear hidden.