Setting a trace ingestion limit involves configuring the maximum amount of tracing data that a system or application can ingest within a specified timeframe. By setting a trace ingestion limit, you can control the volume of tracing data processed allowing them to stay within the system for specific period of time.

The ingestion limit notification will be issued if ingestion exceeds these limits.

To set a trace limit:

  1. Go to Infrastructure > Traces.
  2. On the left side of this page, click the hamburger menu icon.
  3. Under the Quick Links section, select Traces Configuration.
    The Traces Configuration page is displayed.
  4. From the configurations page, select the Settings tab.
    The TRACE LIMITS details page is displayed.
  5. Select the TRACE LIMIT field.
    You can select DAILY or MONTHLY option.
  6. Set the trace ingestion limit ( the ingestion limit should be between 5 - 32,767).
  7. Once you enter the values, click SAVE.
    The data is now saved successfully.