Cohesity - Storage Cluster


Template to monitor Cohesity Cluster parameters like Cluster State,Cluster Capacity,Cluster Usage,Cluster Utilization.


Device should have support for COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB.

Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
Cohesity - Fan Status and Fan RpmrpmIt monitors the Fan Rpm [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: fanRpm :]. Fan StateIt monitors the FAN state [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: fanState :].
Cohesity - Power Power Supply OutputWIt monitors the Power supply Output Watts [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: psWatts :] Power Supply StateIt monitors the Power Supply State [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: psState :]
Cohesity - Storage Clustercohesity.cluster.stateCohesity Cluster StateIt monitors the Cluster's State.[COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: clusterState :]
cohesity.cluster.capacityCohesity Cluster CapacityTBIt monitors the Cluster's Capacity [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: clusterCapacity :]
cohesity.cluster.usageCohesity Cluster UsageTBit monitors the Cluster's Usage [COHESITY-APPLIANCE-MIB :: clusterUsage :]
cohesity.cluster.utilizationCohesity Cluster Utilization%Monitors the cohesity cluster utilization.