Sierra Wireless - Modem Monitor


Template to monitor Sierra Wireless parameters like power in, board temperature, cellular bytes sent, cellular bytes received, rssi. sysObjectID :


The device should have support for SIERRA-MIB.

Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
Sierra Wireless Modem Monitorsierra.wireless.power.inPower InIt monitors the Sierra Wireless power in.[SIERRA-MIB::powerIn :]
sierra.wireless.board.temperatureBoard TemperatureCelsiusIt monitors the Sierra Wireless board temperature.[SIERRA-MIB::boardTemprature :]
sierra.wireless.cellular.bytes.sentCellular Bytes SentBytesIt monitors the Sierra Wireless cellular bytes sent.[SIERRA-MIB::cellularBytesSent:].
sierra.wireless.cellular.bytes.receivedCellular Bytes ReceivedBytesIt monitors the Sierra Wireless cellular bytes received.[SIERRA-MIB::cellularBytesRecvd:]
sierra.wireless.rssiRSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)It monitors the Sierra Wireless rssi (Received Signal Strength Indicator).[SIERRA-MIB::rssi:]