Sonus - SBC Performance


Template to monitor Disk Status, Disk Utilization, Fan Speed, LED status, Power Supply Status, CPU Utilization, Memory Usage, HA Port Statistics like bytes transmitted and received and transmitted errors and received CRC errors, Ethernet Port Packet Statistics like number of received/transimitted packets, bad packets received/transimitted, packets dropped due to no receive/transmit buffers, Ethernet Port Status, DSP Resource Statistics like number of calls was successful with and without DSP resource allocation failure during the current interval time. Validated on Sonus sbc-V05.01.04. SysObjectID:



Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
Sonus Disk Statussonus.system.disk.statusDisk StatusHarddisk status that indicates if the disk is online/failed. [SONUS-SYSTEM-MIB::sonusSystemHardDiskStatusDiskStatus: ]
Sonus Disk Utilizationsonus.system.disk.usageDisk Utilization%Indicates used hard disk (%).[SONUS-SYSTEM-MIB::sonusSystemHardDiskUsageUsedDiskSpace:]
Sonus DSP Resource Statisticssonus.dsp.calls.without.dspallocationfailureSonus DSP calls without DSP Allocation FailureNumber of call was successful without DSP resource allocation failure during the current interval time. [OID:]
sonus.dsp.calls.with.dspallocationfailureSonus DSP calls with DSP Allocation FailureNumber of call was successful with DSP resource allocation failure during the current interval time. [OID:]
Sonus Ethernet Port Packet Statisticssonus.ethernetport.packets.receivedSonus Ethernet Port Packets Receivedpackets/secTotal number of number of received packets. [OID:]
sonus.ethernetport.packets.transmittedSonus Ethernet Port Packets Transmittedpackets/secTotal number of transmitted packets. [OID:]
sonus.ethernetport.packeterrors.receivedSonus Ethernet Port PacketErrors Receivedpackets/secThe number of bad packets received. [OID:]
sonus.ethernetport.packeterrors.transmittedSonus Ethernet Port Packet Errors Transmittedpackets/secThe number of packet transmit failures. [OID:]
sonus.ethernetport.rx.packetsdroppedSonus Ethernet Port Receiving Packets Droppedpackets/secThe number of packets dropped due to no receive buffers. [OID:]
sonus.ethernetport.tx.packetsdroppedSonus Ethernet Port Transmitting Packets Droppedpackets/secThe number of packets dropped due to no transmit buffers. [OID:]
Sonus Ethernet Port Statussonus.system.ehternetport.statusPort StatusThe state of the physical port
Sonus HA Port Statisticssonus.ha.bytes.transmittedHA Bytes TransmittedBpsThe number of bytes transmitted.
sonus.ha.bytes.receivedHA Bytes ReceivedBpsThe number of bytes received.
sonus.ha.transmit.errrorsHA Errors TransmittedErrors per SecThe number of transmit errors.
sonus.ha.received.errorsHA Errors ReceivedErrors per SecThe number of receive CRC errors.
Sonus Hardware - Fan SpeedrpmIt monitors the Sonus fan speed .[SONUS-SYSTEM-MIB::sonusSystemFanStatusSpeed:].
Sonus Hardware - LED statussonus.system.led.statusLED StatusDisplays status of various LEDs of the server.[SONUS-SYSTEM-MIB::sonusSystemLedStatusLedState:]
Sonus Hardware - Power Supply Statussonus.system.powersupply.power.faultSonus System Power Supply Power FaultIndicates if there is power fault in the power supply. [OID:]
sonus.system.powersupply.temperature.faultSonus System PowerSupply Temperature FaultIndicates if there is temperature fault. [OID:]
sonus.system.powersupply.voltage.faultSonus System PowerSupply Voltage FaultIndicates if there is voltage fault. [OID:]
Sonus Performance - CPU Utilizationsonus.system.cpu.utilCPU Utilization%The average cpu % utilization for this interval.
Sonus Performance - Memory Usagesonus.system.memory.usageMemory Utilization%The average memory % utilization for this interval.