UNIX OS Performance


Monitors basic UNIX parameters like UNIXCPU, UNIXSTORAGE, UNIXCPU-Stats, UNIXMEMORY, UNIXLOAD and System Uptime


No prerequisite

Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
CPU Load - UCD-SNMP-MIBsystem.unix.load.5minCPU Load 5 MinMonitors the 5 minute cpu load average.
unix.cpu.totalCPU Total TimesSum of CPU Time in all modes.
system.unix.cpu.stats.userCPU User Time%CPU time in User mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.niceCPU Nice Time%CPU Time in Nice mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.systemCPU System Time%CPU Time in System mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.idleCPU Idle Time%CPU Time in Idle mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.iowaitCPU IOWait Time%CPU Time in iowait mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.kernelCPU Kernel Time%CPU Time in Kernel mode.
system.unix.cpu.stats.interruptCPU Interrupt Time%CPU time in interrupt level.
CPU Utilization - UCD-SNMP-MIBsystem.unix.cpu.util.percentCPU Utilization%CPU utilization is a key performance metric.
Host System Uptimesystem.uptimeSystem UptimesThe amount of time since this host was last initialized.
Memory Utilization - UCD-SNMP-MIBsystem.unix.memoryUnix Physical Memory%Monitors the Unix Real Memory utilization.
system.unix.memory.swapUnix Swap Memory%Monitors the Unix Swap Memory Utilization.
system.unix.memory.freeUnix Memory FreeKBMonitors the UNIX free memory.
system.unix.memory.usedUnix Memory UsedKBMonitors the UNIX used memory.
system.unix.memory.swap.usedUnix Swap Memory UsedKBMonitors the amount of used swap memory.
system.unix.memory.swap.totalUnix Swap Memory TotalKBMonitors the total amount of swap space configured for this host.
Storage Utilization - HR-MIBsystem.disk.util.percentDisk Utilization%Monitors the disk utilization.