vCenter Replication Events


vCenter Replication Events


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Supported Metric

Monitor NameMetric NameMetric Display NameUnitDescription
vCenter Replication Eventscom.vmware.vcHms.vmMissingReplicationConfigurationEventVirtual machine is not configured for vSphere ReplicationNULLVirtual machine is experiencing problems with vSphere Replication and must be reconfigured
com.vmware.vcHms.rpoViolatedEventRPO violatedNULLVirtual machine vSphere Replication RPO is violated by minutes
com.vmware.vcHms.remoteSiteDownEventRemote vSphere Replication site is disconnectedNULLConnection to the remote vSphere Replication site is down
com.vmware.vcHms.datastoreInaccessibleEventvSphere Replication cannot access datastoreNULLDatastore is not accessible for vSphere Replication Server
com.vmware.vcHms.failedResolvingStoragePolicyEventFailed to resolve storage policyNULLFailed to resolve a specific storage policy for the provided storage profile ID and datastore with managed object ID
hbr.primary.SystemPausedReplicationvSphere Replication pausedNULLvSphere Replication was paused as a result of a configuration change, such as a disk being added or reverting to a snapshot where disk states are different
hbr.primary.InvalidVmReplicationConfigurationEventInvalid vSphere Replication configurationNULLInvalid vSphere Replication configuration
hbr.primary.FSQuiescedDeltaCompletedEventFile system consistent sync completedNULLFile-system consistent sync completed
hbr.primary.UnquiescedDeltaCompletedEventUnquiesced crash consistent sync completedNULLUnquiesced crash consistent sync completed.Quiescing failed or virtual machine is powered off.
hbr.primary.FailedToStartDeltaEventSync failed to startNULLSync failed to start
hbr.primary.FailedToStartSyncEventFull Sync failed to startNULLFull-sync failed to start
hbr.primary.DeltaAbortedEventSync abortedNULLSync aborted
hbr.primary.NoConnectionToHbrServerEventNo connection to VR ServerNULLNo connection to vSphere Replication Server