Following is the list of resource states and the availability statuses with their definitions:

DiscoveredA resource gets discovered via any of the discovery mechanisms in OpsRamp, like SNMP, WMI, private cloud, or public cloud.
  • When the agent is installed on a resource, it will automatically be managed.
  • A resource which is able to generate events and perform actions.
UnmanagedIt will be there in the OpsRamp system and will not be used to perform any operations in OpsRamp.
MonitoredWhen metrics are collected for a resource.
UnknownWhenever data against an availability metric is not collected, the resource status is shown as "Unknown".
OfflineWhen the agent is installed on a resource and it is not communicating back to OpsRamp via the host machine, then it is "Offline". Same is the case with the gateway.
OnlineWhen the agent is installed and it is communicating to the OpsRamp and sending data from the host machine to the OpsRamp, then it is "Online".
UndefinedIf a resource does not have any availability monitor applied, then the resource status is shown as "Undefined".
UnmonitoredThese resources are not supported for monitoring.