The Filter option in the variable manager allows users to tailor the list of values displayed for a variable, offering a more focused and context-specific experience. Configure queries that dictate which values appear in the dropdown menu when using a variable, thus enhancing the usability and relevance of data for a wide range of applications.

Create the Filter

  1. From Dashboard > Dashboard 2.0, create a new dashboard or select from an existing dashboard collection.
    See Create Dashboards to learn about creating dashboards.
  2. Click the Variable Icon and select Edit.
  3. The DASHBOARD FILTERS page is displayed.


  • You will be able to manage variables here to enable filters.
  • Select Name, Data Source, Attribute Name, Default Value.
  • At the partner level the metric filter is not enabled.
  1. Click + VARIABLE.
  1. Enter the below mentioned information:
NameEnter a name for the filter.
Data SourceChoose the data source name from the dropdown list box.
Attribute NameEnter the attribute name for the filter.
Default ValueEnter the Default value for the filter.
  1. Click View Filter option.

Note: The View Filter option is not available for Metric.

  1. Click the + QUERY and select the options from the following drop-down lists as you build the query:
  • Attribute = clientName

  • Operator = CONTAINS

  • Value = sdk2.0 apps simulator

    Note: You may also build a query by clicking the </> to use the advanced query builder and start typing the query and complete the query.

  1. Click APPLY.
  2. Click SAVE. The filter is saved and the information is displayed.

Note: Users with View Dashboard permissions can only click the reset option for variables.